Reflections on the Lancaster power cuts of December 2015

DEMANDers in Lancaster were able to experience first hand the effects of flooding caused by Storm Desmond, that left 55,000 homes without power in December 2015.

Below are some reflections of experiences from the week of 5th – 12th December 2015 written by Lancaster DEMANDers. There is also a short film “What is going on?” about demand and disruption during the power cut and a report by Roger Kemp on “Living without electricity”, produced for the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Click on the image for more pictures of a campus with limited electricity on Tuesday 8th December


Anonymous Lancaster Power Cuts Reflections
Jan Bastiaans A summary of a discussion with DEMAND
Noel Cass Floods thoughts – Obsolete practices, materials and competences
Adrian Friday (Computing and Communications) “Without ceaseless power” – some personal reflections
Allison Hui Re-writing pathways – an autoethnographic story of post-storm geographies
Elizabeth Shove The pervasiveness of power
Elizabeth Shove When is the power really on?
Elizabeth Shove and Stanley Blue  Where the power lies
Gordon Walker Lancaster with and without electricity: reflections on the Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand
Gordon Walker and Rose Chard Cutting off and being cut off: reflections on disconnection and the right to electricity
Gordon Walker Lancaster without electricity and practices without power: reflections on disruption, dependencies and demand
Roger Kemp: A report to the Royal Academy of Engineering on Living without electricity
Wellcome Collection article featuring Elizabeth Shove entitled ‘Blackout: living without electricity

What is going on: a short film made by DEMANDers about the Lancaster power cuts

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