Research Projects

Here, you can find a list of all DEMAND’s research projects.

Trends and patterns in energy demand

Jilian Anable, Ben Anderson, Matheiu Durand-Daubin, Richard Hanna, Giulio Mattioli, Jacopo Torriti
Developing new ways of analysing the relation between the dynamics of end use practices and dynamics of energy demand, moving beyond reliance on aggregate patterns and averages.

Domestic IT use

Mike Hazas, Janine Morley
Looking at how everyday activities and practices are influenced by IT, informed by data on ICT ownership.

Business travel

Jillian Anable, James Faulconbridge, Greg Marsden, Ian Jones
Examining how business travel has changed and how it varies between different work sectors.

Older people and mobile lives

Rosie Day, Russell Hitchings, Julia Hibbert, Sue Venn
Looking at how and why mobility of people who are post-retirement is changing.

The dynamics of energy use in daily life

Veronique Beillan, Sylvie Douzou, Allison Hui, Dominique Le Roux, Isabelle Moussaoui, Magali Pierre, Gordon Walker
Exploring how energy use is changing in relation to work, home and leisure activities.

Adapting infrastructure for a lower carbon society

Anna Carlsson-Hyslop, Catherine Grandclément, Allison Hui, Lenneke Kuijer, Magali Pierre, Elizabeth Shove, Nicola Spurling, Frank Trentmann, Matt Watson
Looking at how infrastructure influences, or has influenced in the past, energy demand.

Negotiating needs and expectations in commercial buildings

John Connaughton, James Faulconbridge, Noel Cass
Examining how internal office environments are negotiated in terms of user needs and expectations.

Infrastructures for online shopping: integrating supply and demand

Tony Whiteing, Ian Jones
Looking at how demand for internet shopping is creating a demand for delivery.

Local smart grids

Gordon Walker, Mette Kragh Furbo
Researching the management of energy demand and energy demand reduction in practice.

Energy, need and justice

Gordon Walker, Rosie Day, Neil Simcock, Sylvie Douzou, Ferenc Fodor, Dominique Le Roux
Looking at how people view their energy requirements and entitlements.

Need, mobility poverty and the ethics of the future cost of mobility

Greg Marsden, Caroline Mullen
Examining how people with different incomes relate to their transport requirements.

Invisible energy policy

Jan Selby, Elizabeth Shove, Sarah Royston
Looking at how policies in healthcare, military and higher education can have knock-on effects on energy demand.

Energy-related economic stress in the UK at the interface between transport, housing and fuel poverty

Greg Marsden, Jillian Anable, Karen Lucas, Giulio Mattioli
Examining whether there is a transport equivalent of fuel poverty.

Welfare, Employment and Energy Demand: Examining tensions and opportunities in the delivery of demand reduction

Catherine Butler, Karen Bickerstaff, Karen Parkhill, Gordon Walker
Looking at welfare and employment policies’ relation to energy demand and demand reduction.

Convergence and Divergence in Energy-related Practices: Understanding demand in the Global South

Mattijs Smits, Jenny Rinkenen, Elizabeth Shove
Researching the differences and similarities in the circulation of elements and practices relating to comfort, lighting and refrigeration in the Global North and Global South

Institutional Rhythms: Opportunities for energy and mobility demand management

Stanley Blue
Examining the institutional rhythms of working and mobility practices in hospitals and the impact of non-energy policies on their organisation.