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You can find films by DEMAND, including our animated series, and some films from our partners at EDF. | Animated Film Series | EDF Films | Other films by DEMAND |

DEMAND researchers have produced a series of Research Insights – short summaries of ideas and evidence that are relevant to current debates in policy and practice. As well as these, Pieces of DEMAND provide quick guides to DEMAND research on specific … Continue reading

You can find a list of academic publications by DEMAND including journal articles, books and book chapters. A copy of the publication has been provided wherever the paper is available under Open Access. | Articles | Book chapters | Books | Conference Proceedings | | DEMAND Conference Proceedings | There … Continue reading

Invisible Energy Policy Lecture

DEMAND Research Fellow, Sarah Royston, was invited to give a talk as part of the interdisciplinary lecture series ‘In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy’ at the University of Cambridge. Sarah introduced the main points of her lecture here, and the … Continue reading

Car Travel: Why Demand is Changing

A new animated DEMAND video on ‘Car Travel: Why Demand is Changing’ is now available here To see our Animated Video Series look here.