Spotlight On

New DEMAND edited volume

Shove, E. and Trentmann, F. (eds) (2018) Infrastructures in Practice: The Dynamics of Demand in Networked Societies. Routledge: London. Infrastructures in Practice shows how infrastructures and daily life shape each other. Power grids, roads and broadband make modern lifestyles possible – … Continue reading

New DEMAND paper

Cass, N., Schwanen, T. and Shove, E. (2018) ‘Infrastructures, intersections and societal transformations’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change. There is renewed and increasing interest in understanding the part that infrastructures play in societal transformations, especially in response to the … Continue reading

New DEMAND paper

Royston, S., Selby, J. and Shove, E. (2018) ‘Invisible energy policies: A new agenda for energy demand reduction’, Energy Policy, 123: 127 – 135. This article makes the case for a new and ambitious research and governance agenda for energy … Continue reading

New DEMAND Online Writing

De Decker, K. (April 2018) We Can’t Do it Ourselves. In this article, Kris questions the impetus placed on individuals in the pursuit of sustainable lifestyles; how effective is individual action when it is systemic social change that is needed? … Continue reading

New paper by DEMAND Visitor

Lane, R., Follett. K. and Lindsay, J. (2018) Unsustainable trajectories of domestic information technology use in Australia: Exploring diversity and the life course. The Geographical Journal, 1: 12. DOI: 10.1111/geoj.12260 Ruth Lane visited the DEMAND centre for five weeks in … Continue reading