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New DEMAND paper

Wadud, Z., Royston, S. & Selby, J. (2019) ‘Modelling energy demand from higher education institutions: A case study of the UK’, Applied Energy, 233-232: 816-826 Among the various sustainability goals of higher education institutions (HEIs), reducing energy use and carbon emissions are particularly … Continue reading

New DEMAND edited volume

Shove, E. and Trentmann, F. (eds) (2018) Infrastructures in Practice: The Dynamics of Demand in Networked Societies. Routledge: London. Infrastructures in Practice shows how infrastructures and daily life shape each other. Power grids, roads and broadband make modern lifestyles possible – … Continue reading

New DEMAND paper

Morley, J. (2018). Rethinking energy services: The concept of ‘meta-service’ and implications for demand reduction and servicizing policy. Energy Policy, 122, 563-569. DOI: The idea that energy is not consumed for its own sake but for the services that it … Continue reading