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Car Dependence References

Reference page for the DEMAND Dictionary entry: Car Dependence. For the full dictionary, click here. 1. Research Insight: Carrying Capacity - the cargo function of the car 2. Mattioli, G. (2016) 'Transport needs in a climate-constrained world: A novel framework to reconcile social and environmental sustainability in transport', Energy Research and Social Science , 18: 118 - 128. DOI:…

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Comfort References

Reference page for the DEMAND Dictionary entry: Comfort. For the full dictionary, click here. 1. Research Insight: 'If the Walls Could Talk - Daily Rhythms and Energy Use in Stevage' 2. Research Insight: 'If the Walls Could Talk - Central Heating Comes to Stevenage' 3. Research Insight: Transitions in Heat - The Arrival and Disappearance of Gas Central Heating. 4.…

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We Can’t Do it Ourselves

Illustration: Diego Marmolejo. How to live a more sustainable life? This question generates a lot of debate that is focused on what individuals can do in order to address problems like climate change. For example, people are encouraged to shop locally, to buy organic food, to install home insulation, or to cycle more often. But how effective is individual action when it is systemic…

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How Much Energy Do We Need?

Because energy fuels both human development and environmental damage, policies that encourage energy demand reduction can run counter to policies for alleviating poverty, and the other way around. Achieving both objectives can only happen if energy use is spread more equally across societies. However, while it’s widely acknowledged that part of the global population is living in…

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Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency

To focus on energy efficiency is to make present ways of life non-negotiable. However, transforming present ways of life is key to mitigating climate change and decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. Energy efficiency policy Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of policies to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependence in the industrialised world. For example, the European…

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