Writing by DEMANDers

Here you can find examples of writing by DEMANDers including online pieces, The Conversation articles and submissions.

Where Infrastructures and Appliances Meet

Image: a mechanical electricity meter. Picture in the public domain. Modern infrastructures for energy, water and communications are systems of collective provision, often organised and financed by the state. The appliances that are plugged into these infrastructures – such as laptops, washing machines or electric cars – are considered to be individual consumption goods, provided by the…

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The Curse of the Modern Office

Downtown Chicago. Photo credit: Charles Voogd, Wikipedia Commons. The information society promises to dematerialise society and make it more sustainable, but modern office and knowledge work has itself become a large and rapidly growing consumer of energy and other resources.  Welcome to the Office These days, it's rather easy to define an "office worker": it's someone who sits in front of…

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Think Piece: (Em)powering the household? Emerging energy practices around decentralised storage of solar energy

Sanneke Kloppenburg, Robin Smale & Nick Verkade (sanneke.kloppenburg@wur.nl) The rise of renewable energy generated by wind turbines and PV poses challenges to the balancing of supply and demand of electricity. Solar panels only generate energy during day time, whereas a peak in consumption takes place in the evening. Storage of renewable energy near to their decentralized sources, at…

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The temporal dynamics of being an international visiting scholar

Yolande Strengers & Mikkel Bille Academia is increasingly concerned with international connections and collaboration. While the benefits of such endeavours are increasingly discussed (Glover et al. 2016), we rarely acknowledge their effects. In this short piece of writing we are interested in the ways in which one globalising move — the appointment of the ‘visiting academic’ —…

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Working paper 18: The Dynamics of Demand: thinking about steering

Working Paper 18: Louise Reardon, Greg Marsden and Elizabeth Shove, April 2016. This was a discussion paper for participants in the change and steering stream of the DEMAND conference, April 2016  

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