Insights for Policy

This page provides a quick guide to some of the resources produced over DEMAND’s lifetime, which generate insights that are directly useful for policy and practice.

Research Insights are short summaries of ideas and evidence that are relevant to current debates in policy and practice.

Pieces of DEMAND provide quick guides to DEMAND research on specific topics.

Films by DEMAND include our animated series, and some films from our partners at EDF.

The DEMAND Dictionary includes terms and concepts that research from the DEMAND centre has generated and challenged.

Energy Fables: Challenging Ideas in the Energy Sector takes a fresh look at key terms and concepts around which energy research and policy are organised. Drawing on recent research conducted by DEMANDers, brief but critical introductions to classic notions rework established themes and add twists to familiar tales.

The Commission on Travel Demand is an independent group, which has assembled as part of the Research Council UK funded DEMAND Centre. It was established to bring together the state-of-art in understanding how travel demand is changing and may change in the future, recognising controversies, which exist over current forecasting practice.

Journalist, Kris De Decker has produced a number of blog-style articles relating to DEMAND projects. See here for work by Kris de Decker.  Kris also writes his own blog