Trends and patterns in energy demand

Timeline: May 2013 – April 2016

Our team includes: Jillian Anable, Ben Anderson, Mathieu Durand-Daubin, Richard Hanna, Giulio Mattioli, Jacopo Torriti.

Analyses of historical trends and future projections of consumer energy demand are typically broad-brush, based on current levels of consumption modified by forecast population and GDP changes. The detail of when, how and by whom energy is used is hidden from analytic view, but is crucial for estimating future demand and assessing likely responses to smart grid/decentralised systems: for example, which end uses are likely to change, how do practices vary, how does this affect peak load? There is a clear need for substantially more sophisticated analyses of spatial, temporal and social variations in end use practices in order to produce more refined scenarios of future demand, and to inform current policy initiatives and critically examine their effects.

Research activities in this theme are creatively integrating and analysing existing data to meet this need and inform other projects in the DEMAND Centre’s programme.

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