The Nexus of Practices

Hui, A.  Schatzki, T. R and Shove, E . eds. (2017) The Nexus of Practice: Connections, constellations and practitioners, London: Routledge PDF [introduction]  

The introduction to this edited collection discusses how the contributors develop new theoretical resources for theories of practice by engaging with several overlapping themes related to the ‘nexus of practices’. These themes – suffusing, threading through, largeness, changing connections, and practitioners – provide an innovative way of organising the volume and develop new concepts for thinking about how practices are conducted and interconnected in various ways

The book can be purchased direct from the publisher or through other book-selling websites.

Individual chapters written by DEMAND researchers can be found on our publications page.  These are:

Blue, S. and Spurling, N. (2017) Qualities of connective tissue in hospital life: how complexes of practices change
Hui, A. (2017) Variation and the intersection of practices
Morley, J. (2017) Technologies within and beyond practices
Shove, E. (2017) Matters of practice
Watson, M. (2017) Placing power in practice theory

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