Audio and Presentations from Launch


Future Travel Demand

Presentations from the launch of the Commission on Travel Demand Report event, chaired by Professor Jillian Anable


Session 1: Report Launch

All Changeʔ The future of travel demand and the implications for policy and planning. Report Key Findings, and the implications for decision making, practitioners and researchers

All Change Slides.pdf


Greg Marsden, Chair of the Commission on Travel Demand


Session 2: Creating Better Places

Strategic Planning – a vision-led approach

Adopting a Vision-Led Approach in Greater Manchester

Nicola Kane, Head of Strategic Planning and Research, Transport for Greater Manchester


The Role of Parking in Future Cities

Dormant Vehicles Talk: Rethinking Parking in Future Cities

Nicola Spurling, Lecturer in The Theory and Methods of Social Futures, University of Lancaster


Planning for new development

Places First: The need to deliver change; antithesis to theory?

Keith Mitchell, Chairman, Peter Brett Associates


Managing Traffic and Growth

No slides available

John Dales, Director, Urban Movement


Session 3: Making Better Policy

Ewa Kmietowicz, Transport and Agriculture Sector Team Leader, Committee on Climate Change

Future travel demand –making better policies


No slides available

Mark Ledbury, Deputy Director, Transport Appraisal and Strategic Modelling, Department for Transport


No slides available

Greg McClymont, Urban Transport Lead, National Infrastructure Commission


Making better policy through handling uncertainty

Glenn Lyons, Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility, UWE Bristol




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