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Smarter and more transparent than you: Technicians and users scripting the user’s role in smart grid experiments. Catherine Grandclément

Techno-futurists scenarios of “the smart grid” treasure the “active consumer”, a consumer who will be able to “interact” with the electricity grid: get informed especially through price signals and manage its consumption but also production accordingly. (more…)

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Competing notions of social change and intervention in local climate change governance: The case of Copenhagen. Sara Berthou

Sara's presentation discussed a study based on ethnographic fieldwork to examine the production of a Local Agenda 21-plan within Copenhagen. Using the Local Agenda 21-plan as a starting point, her study uses practice theory to look at how policy-makers think of their role in relation to creating social change, how they conceptualise social change and how this translates into specific problem…

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Governing sociotechnical transitions: Challenges for energy demand. Harald Rohracher

Innovation and technology policies are increasingly focusing on so-called ‘grand challenges’ such as climate change mitigation or energy security. Analysing such challenges from a science and technology studies point of view draws our attention to a dilemma: (more…)

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