PhD Students

The DEMAND Centre hosts a diverse range of PhD students with backgrounds in sociology, geography, politics and international relations, mobilities, and engineering. All benefit from being based in specific departments while also being a part of interdisciplinary discussions within the DEMAND Centre.

PhD students from other institutions are welcome to visit DEMAND – further details.

At Lancaster University DEMAND PhDs are able to join the postgraduate colloquia and the annual intellectual party offered by the Department of Sociology, while also being able to take part in our DEMAND summer schools and events.

You can read more  about our current PhD students, and see what a few have to say:

Mike Allen

mikephdMy background is primarily in politics, international relations and European Union studies, but I’ve also studied transport and sustainability. I’ve never felt that my studies have been impeded in any way by not having a sociology or an energy background. I think the most important thing is to be able to think and learn well. Upon seeing the advert for a PhD in the Demand Centre I was grateful that here was an opportunity for me to do the research I’d been hoping to do and surprised at how well this fitted within the Demand Centre’s remit.

Being situated in the Demand Centre as well as the Sociology department here at Lancaster is like having two homes. Because of the diversity of research that takes place within the department, it’s nice to be around other people in the Demand Centre and feel as though you have your own special niche and place to belong whilst still being able to engage with the wider research in the department. Having these two homes gives you a unique perspective that you can bring to discussions and allows you pick up on and interact with other great research taking place in sociology, STS and the Lancaster Environment Centre.

Joe Gillett

Joe picDEMAND provides a vibrant environment in which to do a social science PhD. There are lots of possibilities to engage with what others are doing across the Centre, and the atmosphere is really friendly and supportive.

Through different reading groups, regular seminars and occasions where all those involved with DEMAND meet to share progress, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss and debate ideas. As DEMAND approaches energy-related issues in a manner which fundamentally departs from the mainstream, these opportunities also provide a great way to find out about new literatures. In addition, there are regular sports fixtures should you wish to get involved!

Prior to starting at DEMAND in Lancaster, I worked for an enterprise which rents out studio space to artists and, before that, for a couple of organizations which fund and manage social science research – including the ESRC. Having spent a bit of time out since studying full time, it’s great to do a PhD in such an environment.