Opportunities for academics

The DEMAND Centre is able to host a number of visitors including researchers and PhD students for up to 6 months over the five years. There are two ways to be a DEMAND visitor – researchers can apply to be hosted for 2-6 months with a Visiting Fellowship, and can also apply to be a paying visitor, as can PhD students. Details of both these options can be found below.

Visiting Fellowships
Other visitors – students and academics

Visiting Fellowships

The DEMAND Centre has funding to host a number of visiting researchers of 2-6 months over the five years. Please get in touch if you would like to apply for a visiting fellowship.

Visiting fellows are expected to make an active and tangible contribution to the DEMAND centre during their stay and are expected to spend at least one month at Lancaster University but can also visit other DEMAND partners.

To apply for an international visiting fellowship

The information below is also available to download as a pdf here

Please provide a current CV and a three page proposal which should describe what you would do during your visit; explain exactly how your work relates to the DEMAND Centre’s intellectual agenda, identify links with two or more projects within DEMAND, and specify the intended contribution and output/writing/events etc. to be achieved during your visit.

Within the three pages, you need to specify the timing and duration of your proposed stay, and provide a detailed budget including travel costs to the UK; accommodation (at the rate of £175/week); and a justification and costing of other research-related travel within the UK (note we will not fund conference attendance unless it forms part of substantial collaborative activity with a DEMAND project). You can find costs of standard class rail travel with Nation Rail Enquiries.

Visiting Students and Academics

The DEMAND Centre welcomes visitors from other institutions.  Read what our previous visitors have to say about their visit to DEMAND.

Visitors may be students (registered for a PhD at another university), post-doctoral researchers or established members of the academic community. The fee arrangements described below give visitors access to high-quality office space, and to computing and library facilities as well as the opportunity to meet DEMAND staff and participate in relevant events, workshops and seminars.

How to Apply


If you are interested in visiting the DEMAND Centre please get in touch. The bench fee is £200/month.

PhD Students

If you are interested in visiting the DEMAND Centre, please email in the first instance, with a current curriculum vitae, a brief research statement, details of when you want to visit (up to 6 months) and a paragraph explaining what you would hope to gain from visiting DEMAND.

If you are accepted, fees will apply pro-rata. Current fee levels are £4121 per year, more information is available from the Student Registry. The fees must be paid upon registration with the Postgraduate Office at the start of your visit.

Once you are accepted you have all the rights and privileges of a postgraduate student at Lancaster including:

  • office space within DEMAND
  • the right to attend MA courses
  • for visiting PhD students: you may be able to take Faculty Research Training Courses
  • membership of and borrowing rights from the library
  • an email account and access to networked computers
  • the right to attend departmental seminars, colloquia and other activities
  • supervision by academic staff who has/have agreed to accept you.

Please note that if you wish to attend the MA and Faculty course modules you should time your visit so that it falls during the autumn and the spring terms when the majority of those modules are being taught.

Comments and reflections from previous visitors.