DEMAND 2016 conference

*the conference is closed to new registrations*

What energy is for: the making and dynamics of demand

From 13th-15th April the DEMAND Centre will hold an international conference hosting visitors from over 20 countries worldwide.

The conference is intended to extend and deepen research on the making and dynamics of energy demand through sharing perspectives and research outcomes and debating questions of theory, method and analysis. The conference will primarily provide an arena for academic exchange and discussion, although how academic research intersects with the worlds of policy and practice will constantly be in view.

The programme is made up of workshops, debates, posters and discussions, and includes academics from a variety of backgrounds, PhD students, and guests from policy bodies and industry addressing the latest theoretical and practical questions related to energy demand.  The event promises to be fruitful and engaging and writing by participants will be made available on this website in May.

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