Evidence Session 5 – Planning, Infrastructure and Demand

Evidence Session 5 took place on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at Cambridgeshire County Council

The session looked at how planning impacts demand futures and reviewed the latest evidence on infrastructure investments on different modes and how they shape demand. It  also reflected on the gaps between policy needs or stated aspiration and policy delivery as shaped by the practice of planning for demand in England.

Programme [.pdf]

Summary of Evidence Session 5 [.pdf]



Introduction  – Greg Marsden

Long-term integrated planning – Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech

Planning for low carbon in Oslo – Aud Tennøy, TOI Norway

Cycle infrastructure and demand – Katherine Blair, Policy Analysis Team, Transport for London

Rail infrastructure and demand – Jim Steer

Inter-urban highway investments and demand – Alice Crossley, Group Leader – Performance Analysis and Modelling, Highways England

Transport, housing and land use planning: evidence from recent research and trends – Stephen Joseph & Jenny Raggett – Campaign for Better Transport

Planning, Transport and Development – Keith Mitchell – Peter Brett Associates

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