Projects linked to DEMAND

Projects working with DEMAND:

  • Energy-related economic stress in the UK, at the interface between transport, housing and fuel poverty, EPSRC, Greg Marsden, Jillian Anable, Karen Lucas, Giulio Mattioli.   Further information.  A report is also available on the recent workshop hosted by Leeds University.


  • Welfare, Employment and Energy Demand: Examining Tensions and Opportunities in the Delivery of Demand Reduction, EPSRC, Catherine Butler and Karen Bickerstaff, Karen Parkhill, Gordon Walker. Further information.  Soundbite


  • Convergence and divergence in energy-related practices: Understanding demand in the Global South, EPSRC, Mattijs Smits, Elizabeth Shove, Jenny Rinkinen. Further informationSoundbite


Projects supported by DEMAND:


Projects associated with DEMAND: