Evidence Session 2 – Changing Demand Part 1 – Age, Generational Effects and Future Healthcare –

Evidence Session 2 of the Commission on Travel Demand took place on Thursday 4th May 2017 at University College London.  Details of the agenda and briefing papers can be found below.

Agenda for meeting

Summary of Evidence Session 2

Presentations (*some slides have animations which are not available in the pdf format)

Clare Sheffield – Changing travel demand in London

Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation

Gordon Stokes – Ageing and generational effects in travel behaviour

Kiron Chatterjee – Generational Change in Travel Demand

Tobias Kuhnimhof – Travel trends in Germany

Rob Chesters – The future of travel – NHS


Evening Discussion on the Future of Travel Demand presentations

Professor Greg Marsden, ITS, University of Leeds

Professor Tobias Kuhnimhof, DLR

Chaired by Professor Peter Jones O.B.E., UCL


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