Evidence Session 3 – Changing Demand Part 2 – Retail, Work and Spatial Differences –

Evidence Session 3 of the Commission on Travel Demand took place on Tuesday 13th June 2017 at the University of Leeds.  Details of the agenda and briefing papers can be found below.

Agenda for meeting

Summary of Evidence Session 3



Anne Bastian – Stockholm Spatial Divergence [.pdf]

Peter Headicar – Spatial trends in Travel Demand [.pdf]

Future of Retail

Tom Cherrett – Last Mile Logistics [.pdf]

Ian Jones – Exploring on-line shopping [.pdf]

Future of Work

Noel Cass – Future of Work [.pdf]


Evening Discussion on the Future of Travel Demand presentations

Growing the City Inwards, Anne Bastian and Maria Börjesson, KTH Stockholm [.pdf] 

Chaired by Professor Greg Marsden, ITS University of Leeds

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