Trends in car clubs and shared transport and future demands for energy and mobility. Kate Gifford

As discussed at a previous DEMAND seminar with CIE-MAP, reducing energy demanded by mobility will increasingly require a reduction in the numbers of vehicles in circulation.  Car clubs are one route to achieve this where members sign up to access to a vehicle for round trip or one way trips. However, different opportunities exist; OLEV has recently announced funding of Go Ultra Low Cities,…

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Reading Group: 12 November 2013

We discussed 'Towards a theory of decoupling: degrees of decoupling in the EU and the case of road traffic in Finland between 1970 and 2001' by Petri Tapio (Transport Policy 12 (2005) 137–151).  (more…)

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EUED Centres Transport Day, 26 September 2013

Greg Marsden organised a really useful meeting to present and compare ‘transport’ related projects from three EUED Centres: the Centre for Energy Epidemiology, UCL; Centre for Innovation and Energy Demand, Sussex/Oxford/Manchester and DEMAND. Other participants included Simon Roberts and Liz Halsted from TfL and Dominique Bertin from EDF UK R&D Centre. Further details.

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