Theme 2: How end use practices change

Building on the results of Theme 1, Theme 2 seeks to explainprocesses of change and sources of variation that matter for energy demand. Projects investigate different types of change, concentrating on instances relating the adoption of ICT technologies to new forms of social organisation and demographic patterns, and to the relation between home and work. The common aim is to assess the implications for energy use and the impact of current and new forms of demand management. This work will inform the development of future scenarios of demand.

Domestic IT use – looking at how everyday activities are influenced by IT.

Business travel  Рlooking at how business travel has changed and how it varies between different work sectors.

Older people and mobile lives – looking at how and why mobility of those post-retirement is changing.

The dynamics of energy use in daily life – looking at how energy use is changing with changes to work/home/leisure activities.