Reading Groups

The DEMAND Centre hosts regular reading groups.  Initially these groups met primarily met to discuss papers by selected authors.  However in 2014 DEMANDers began to use the groups to discuss their in-progress papers with each other, and the focus of the reading groups changed.  If you would like further information about any of the papers discussed, please contact the author(s) directly.


3 February 2016: Discussion of draft paper by James Faulconbridge and Noel Cass 

2 March 2016: Discussion of draft paper by Stan Blue

11 May 2016: Discussion with  Mikkel Bille

6 July 2016: Discussion with  Yolande Strengers


24 February 2015:  Discussion of draft paper by Giulio Mattioli & Jillian Anable

17 March 2015: Discussion of draft paper by Caroline Mullen

7 October 2015: Discussion of draft paper by Allison Hui

4 November 2015: Discussion of draft paper by Nicola Spurling

2 December 2015: Discussion of draft paper by Russell Watson and Rosie Day


2 April 2014:  Discussion of paper by Axel Michaelowa and Tobias Koch, Military emissions, armed conflicts, border changes and the Kyoto Protocol

6 May 2014: Discussion of paper by Dale Southerton, Habits, routines and temporalities of consumption: From individual behaviours to the reproduction of everyday practices by Dale Southerton (Time & Society 2013 22: 335-355).

2 July 2014:  Discussion of paper by Conor Harrison ‘Accomplished by methods which are indefensible’: Electric utilities, finance, and the natural barriers to accumulation, Geoforum 49 (2013) 173–183

22 July 2014:  Discussion of a selection of pages (1-17, 350-77) from “Hughes, Thomas P. Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, 1880-1930. Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 1983.  For a summary of the discussion see here

14 October 2014: Discussion of draft paper by Elizabeth Shove, Matt Watson and Nicola Spurling

25 November 2014:  Gordon Walker presented material from the Paris and Taiwan workshops bringing together the outcomes from Project 4.1: The right to energy: ambivalent, contingent, problematic.

9 December 2014:  Discussion of draft of Theme 1 Paper