Research Outputs

Research Briefing Paper

This research briefing paper was prepared in collaboration with the Institutional Rhythms and Energy Demand Working Group and presented to the Northern England Sustainability and Health Network (23/05/17). It present ideas and opportunities for energy and mobility demand management in the NHS.

Reducing Demand for Energy in Hospitals: Opportunities for and Limits to Temporal Coordination

This forthcoming book chapter in Demanding Energy: Space, Temporalities and Change edited by Allison Hui, Rosie Day, and Gordon Walker and published by Palgrave examines the potential of the temporal coordination of working practices for managing and reducing demand in hospitals. (If you are having trouble accessing this text, please email me.)

Institutional Rhythms: Combining Practice Theory and Rhythmanalysis to Conceptualise Processes of Institutionalisation

This journal article published in Time and Society in 2017 presents the theoretical foundations of the project on time, practice, rhythms, and institutions.

Qualities of Connective Tissue in Hospital Life: How Complexes of Practices Change

This book chapter is co-authored with Nicola Spurling and published in The Nexus of Practice: Connections, Constellations, Practitioners edited by Allison Hui, Elizabeth Shove, and Theodore Schatzki. (Publisher’s Website)