Opportunities for business and policy

We are engaging with a wide range of people from policy and business throughout the 5 years of the Centre research programme.  Our work on energy demand is relevant to many different stakeholder communities – from national energy policy actors, to those engaged in the diffusion of electric cars, the development of smart grids, the management of peak loads, the planning of new communities and infrastructures, the management of organizational travel policies, the protection of vulnerable consumers and much else.  Most of our engagement is built into the specific projects that make up the research programme but we anticipate developing Centre wide events and outputs that promote new thinking about energy demand for non-academic audiences. We are guided by the members of our advisory board and by our partner organisations in the development of a programme of effective and innovative modes of interaction.

If you are interested in getting involved and interacting with either the teams involved in specific research projects or with the overall Centre research programme, then get in touch with the Co-Directors Elizabeth Shove or Gordon Walker.

Specific events and outputs will be advertised on this web site and through our twitter feed.


In addition to the overall programme of non-academic engagement the DEMAND centre has funding to support six secondments. These will allow us to capitalise on the Centre’s capacity to mobilise international, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral expertise and act as a “hot house” for academic and non-academic creativity. Secondment opportunities will be advertised on this web site as they arise.