Seminar: Kate Gifford, 16 March 2016

16 March 2016, 16.00-18.00

Lancaster University, FASS MR11/D72

By Livestream from Leeds, Hillary Place, SR 1.24,


Trends in car clubs and shared transport and future demands for energy and mobility

As discussed at a previous DEMAND seminar with CIE-MAP, reducing energy demanded by mobility will increasingly require a reduction in the numbers of vehicles in circulation.  Car clubs are one route to achieve this where members sign up to access to a vehicle for round trip or one way trips. However, different opportunities exist; OLEV has recently announced funding of Go Ultra Low Cities, Bolloré plans for an all-electric car club in London to launch later this year, and smaller more rural projects in England and Scotland operate electric cars as part of community energy projects.  This also opens up questions about how users reconfigure their lives to get used to having access to a car as part of a set of ‘mobility as a service’ options rather than as the default on the drive or kerbside. Kate Gifford, Assistant director of Carplus, reviews the evidence about who uses car club vehicles in and outside the UK, why and what for.  Carplus is a not-for-profit environmental transport NGO which promotes car clubs and shared transport.  Kate leads the management and administration of the car club accreditation scheme and ensures that Carplus meets the reporting requirements of both the Carplus Board and key funding partners, the Department for Transport, TfL and Transport Scotland.  Kate’s therefore brings a unique insider perspective of shared transport and what current trends might mean in terms of future demands on energy and mobility.


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