Alice Cliff, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Seminar: A 3D chart of energy consumption, 1951-54: methodological challenges

Wednesday 16th November 16.00-18.00, D72/MR11 FASS, Lancaster University -All Welcome

This seminar will be available via Livestream

Showing energy consumption by the hour, day, month and year, this object from the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester offers a rich visualisation of data at a glance. It was used by the Central Electricity Generating Board’s planners, and with soft green felt on the feet of the object, was probably intended for an expensive boardroom table. This seminar will examine some of the methodological challenges in researching and displaying this object – for example, how to research its provenance, place within contemporary data visualisations, and significance to practice of the time; and how to make that relevant and accessible to today’s museum visitors.


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