Evidence session 6 – Implications for decision-making

Evidence Session 6 took place on Tuesday 21st November in Central London

This session will brought together the Commission’s evidence and work with decision-makers and scrutiny bodies to consider the implications of more varied demand futures on decision-making processes.


Summary of Evidence Session 6 [.pdf]


Key findings and key challenges

Greg Marsden, Chair of Commission on Travel Demand [.pdf]

Claire Wordsall, Department for Transport

Approaches from Practice

Erik Verroen, Specialist in Robust networks and Traffic Models – Rijkswaterstaat [.pdf]

Nicola Kane, Head of Strategic Planning and Research, Transport for Greater Manchester [.pdf]

Joan Hancox, Head of Transport Strategy, Buckinghamshire County Council [.pdf]


Glenn Lyons, Professor of Transport and Society, University of West of England [.pdf]