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Here you can find examples of writing by DEMANDers including online pieces, The Conversation articles and submissions.

Working Paper 1: The timing and societal synchronisation of energy demand

Working paper 1: Theme 1, Giulio Mattioli, Elizabeth Shove and Jacopo Torriti, February 2014. It is increasingly important to know about when energy is used in the home, at work and on the move. Issues of time and timing have not featured strongly in energy policy analysis and in modelling, much of which has focused on estimating and reducing total average annual demand per capita. If…

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Theme 1 Summary: The Rhythms of Demand, Ben Anderson, Jillian Anable, Jacopo Torriti, Giulio Mattioli and Richard Hanna, January 2014

Establishing Basecamp Theme 1’s objective of conceptualising and describing the changing demand for energy within UK society is easy to say, seductively straightforward to write and, it seems, fiendishly challenging to achieve. (more…)

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New runways to support leisure even as transport at home is cut

By Greg Marsden, University of Leeds Originally published in (more…)

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All this talk about lights hides bigger energy challenges

By Allison Hui, Lancaster University and Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University Originally published in (more…)

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School holiday shakeup brings unintended consequences

By Allison Hui, Lancaster University; Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University, and Gordon Walker, Lancaster University Originally published in (more…)

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