Data Bytes

Data Byte: Peak Dinner

One of the problems troubling the UK electricity industry is how to deal with domestic eveningĀ  'peak' demand, especially in winter. From a DEMAND point of view this means we need to understand what happens during the evening period. If we know what practices lead to the emergence of 'peak' then we might be able to think about ways those practices could be re-configured to avoid costly…

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Data Byte: Visualising sequences of demand

One of our interests is in how sequences of practices may contribute to patterns of energy demand and we are exploring a number of ways to both visualise and analyse such sequences. The image shows a visualization of a random subsample of 3000 diary days from the UK Time Use Survey 2000 in the Visual-TimePAcTS software. The diary days go from 04:00 (bottom) to 04:00 the next day (top)…

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