Article, response and visitor writing


Kuijer, L, Watson, M. (2017) ‘That’s when we started using the living room’: Lessons from a local history of domestic heating in the United Kingdom Energy Research and Social Science, 28, 77-85.  DOI: 10.1016/j.erss.2017.04.010

To read more about our research on demand and home heating visit our Situations, Sites, Sectors pages

Industrial Strategy [.pdf]  A response by DEMANDers in April 2017 to a Government consultation seeking views on the approach to building a modern industrial strategy that addresses long-term challenges to the UK economy

To see what other consultations we have responded to please see our publications pages

Korsnes, M (2017) Prosumption and Energy Demand  – new writing from one of the DEMAND visitors about the concept of the prosumer and how useful it is when looking at energy demand.

To read reflections and writing by other DEMAND visitors please see our visitor pages

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