The Commission will work by establishing key themes with calls for evidence. These will be posted here along with compilations of the evidence provided.


The first call focussed on six key questions surrounding how demand is understood in the transport sector today, what the key uncertainties are and how these are addressed in different methods:

  • Which aspects of travel demand have changed in ways which have not been anticipated by traditional forecasting approaches in the past twenty years?
  • How do these changes relate to the way in which the activities that we participate in have changed? What other factors might explain change?
  • How do these vary spatially? Are there distinctions between central, suburban and rural areas and are there differences between cities?
  • How do they vary over time? Are there particular times in the week where demand has changed or seasonal variations which have emerged?
  • What methods can be used to incorporate greater uncertainty in demand? Have they been deployed and to what effect?

The evidence submitted is available to download below.

These files are also available as one document [.pdf] (8MB file)

01 EC1 Bastian and Borjesson 01 [.pdf]

02 EC1 Bill Wyley 01 [.pdf]

03 EC1 Bristol City Council 01 [.pdf]

04 EC1 Campaign for Better Transport 01 [.pdf]

05 EC1 Civil Aviation Authority 01 [.pdf]

06 EC1 Committee on Climate Change 01 [.pdf]

07 EC1 David McKenna 01 [.pdf]

08 EC1 David Metz 01 [.pdf]

09 EC1 Department for Transport 01 [.pdf]

10 EC1 Freight 2050 01 [.pdf]

11 EC1 Gordon Stokes 01 [.pdf]

12 EC1 High Wycombe 01 [.pdf]

13 EC1 ITS Morton et al 01 [.pdf]

14 EC1 Jim Steer 01 [.pdf]

15 EC1 Kiron Chatterjee 01 [.pdf]

16 EC1 Peter Headicar 01 [.pdf]

17 EC1 RAC Foundation 01 [.pdf]

18 EC1 Sustrans 01 [.pdf]

19 EC1 Tom Hart 01 [.pdf]

20 EC1 Tom Hart 02 [.pdf]

21 EC1 Transport for Greater Manchester 01 [.pdf]

22 EC1 West Yorkshire Combined Authority 01 [.pdf]

23 EC1 Transport for West Midlands [.pdf]

24 EC1 Transport for London [.pdf]

25 EC1 Tobias Kuhnimhof [.pdf]

26 EC1 McDonald [.pdf]

27 EC1 Mitchell [.pdf]

28 EC1 Circella Alemi 2017 [.pdf]

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